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SaMulNoRi: Uses 4 types of instruments: (from left) Drum (Buk), little gong (Kkwaengwari), 2 sided drum (Janggu) and Big Gong (Jing), and normally contains 4-6 performers sitting down, playing for approx. 10 minutes. SaMulNori uses very precise beats and is very stimulating to the ears. SaMulNoRi is the best quality performance out of all the performances that we do and is always popular in various multicultural festivals.

SeolJanggu: This performance contains minimum 4 performers sitting down, all playing Janggu (2 sided drum), and goes for about 12 minutes. As SeolJanggu only uses one instrument, the rhythm is more refined compared to other performances. The performers usually wear the same costumes as in SaMulNoRi.

SaMul PanGoot: Korean drumming dance using same instruments as SaMulNoRi, which normally takes 15 minutes. SaMul PanGoot also contains few acts within the performance, such as 12m SangMo(1st picture), and Beona(spinning of plate-like object, which involves interaction with the audience).

Beona, SangMo, and SaMulNoRi workshop can be done in one venue. This workshop will provide an opportunity for interested party to learn how to play different instruments and Traditional items that we use in our performances.

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